Online Data Systems Development

RWW Systems Inc. provides online data solutions!

A secure, easy-to-use online system designed specifically for your needs is probably much less expensive than you think. You or your staff can access your data from any location in the world, with internet access, or from any location on your intranet.

If you're still maintaining your data on a PC back at the office, it's costing you a lot of time, effort and money that may be better spent delivering meaningful programs to your community. There's little or no risk: accessing your data over the internet is secure and saves time and money.

And if you're still trying to manage your activity by shuffling paper and manually trancribing numbers, maybe it's time you moved to a twenty first century solution with Donations Plus, CSAS or a custom system from us.

RWW Systems has experience in developing and delivering online systems, particularly for organizations in the nonprofit sector. We can help: save time, hassle and money with CSAS or Donations Plus online.

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CSAS version 2.3 now available!
CSAS version 2.3 includes several new features:

  • New report capability: compare two multimonth periods and show the percent increase / decrease
  • New sort capability for member review
  • Simplified enrolment-program hourly recording
  • Optional display of day-of-week, id#, other details on some reports

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